Remodeling A Room – Building A Vaulted Ceiling

As a Los Angeles Remodeling Contractor, we constantly get asked about a cost-effective way to add the illusion of space to an otherwise small room. One great way to super-size your space is to replace the standard, flat ceiling with a vaulted ceiling. It’s relatively easy – and provides a HUGE bang for the buck.

In most cases your new vaulted ceiling will follow the existing roof-line – so if your roof slope is uneven, then your vaulted ceilings will be uneven as well. modular vault This can be corrected with a little bit of planning and creativity.

Where to start

Your best bet is hiring a design-build firm. Whether you work with us or someone else (and we REALLY think you should work with us…) a design-build contractor will be able to visualize an aesthetically pleasing and BUILDABLE ceiling.

The next step is to bring in a structural engineer. The engineer will figure out the size and placement of the beams that will hold up the roof.

Once the design is done and permitted construction can begin. There are many ways to finish a vaulted ceiling. Drywall will produce a clean, smooth look while tongue-and-groove lumber can add some craftsman style to the room.

Another option to consider is whether to use plant-on exposed beams. These are non-structural beams that are attached to the ceiling simply for aesthetic purposes. Some of your exposed beams will be structural, so a plan a layout of plant-on beams that works with the structural beams. All of your exposed beams can be either painted or stained to match the decor of the room.

The most important thing to remember is to plan FIRST before you start any work. Vaulted ceilings need to be engineered properly. A little advanced planning will save a LOT of time and money when it’s time to build.

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