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Started life as a supplement inside the best selling technical radio publication of the time, Practical Wireless. In the early 1950s there was growing interest shown by the general public and home constructor in television, and with the opening of the United Kingdoms second television transmitting station at Sutton Coldfield, the demand for receivers was increasing. To cater for this growing interest, Practical Television assumed a separate entity on March 24th, 1950 when the first issue appeared.

That Was The Year!
1950 – First issue published on March 24th (issue dated April).
1950 – Founding editor F.J. Camm.
1950 – Printers’ strike causes two issues (Sept-Oct) to be combined.
1956 – March and April issues not published due to printing dispute.

1951 – A Brighton optician has designed a special pair of anti-glare spectacles for the prevention of eyestrain while viewing.
1952 – The largest television screen in the world is believed to be one manufactured by a north-west London firm of radio engineers. The screen, which measures 6ft by 4½ft, is produced from a 2½in cathode-ray tube and thus provides comfortable viewing for an audience of up to 200 people.
1953 – The M.C.C. have decided that the sound and vision broadcasting of test and county cricket matches will be again permitted during this year’s season, but fees may be slightly raised.
1954 – Television sets designed to receive BBC and Commercial programmes are expected to be on the British market by the end of this year. They will cost about £10 more than existing receivers but outwardly will look the same.
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