Practical Wireless

Practical Wireless - Oct 1953

Practical Wireless - Oct 1982

Practical Wireless - Jul 1990

Practical Wireless

The first issue of Practical Wireless appeared in 1932. No. 1, Vol. 1, was published on 24th September by George Newnes, priced 3d. At first a weekly publication until wartime paper shortages forced monthly issues.

That Was The Year!

1932 – First issue published 24th September.

1935 – Amateur Wireless merged with Practical Wireless (January, 26).

1935 – Title changed to ‘Practical and Amateur Wireless’.

1936 – ‘Practical Television’ included in title.

1939 – Title reverts to ‘Practical Wireless’.

1940 – First monthly issue published September.

1947 – Fuel crisis causes two issues (May-June) to be combined.

1949 – ‘Practical Television’ supplement introduced.
1950 – Printers’ strike causes two issues (Sept-Oct) to be combined.
1953 – 21st Birthday issue (October).
1959 – F.J. Camm, the founding editor dies suddenly.
1982 – 50th Birthday issue (October).
1990 – 1000th Issue (July).
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